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Fuchsias in South Africa

 Welcome to the Fuchsias in South Africa website. We trust that you will find it informative and interesting in regard to the cultivation of this beautiful flower.

The purpose of the associated societies is to promote interest in fuchsias by providing a central forum for enthusiasts to find information on the propagation and growing of these extraordinarily diverse and beautiful plants, as well as to create a country-wide network of fuchsia fans by encouraging the formation of fuchsia clubs and societies.

On these pages you can learn about all the different aspects of cultivating fuchsias, such as pinching, pruning, feeding and watering. Their versatility allows your creativity to come to the fore by growing various forms, either in the garden, or in pots of differing sizes, as well as for brightening up a patio area.

There are insects like aphids, whitefly, mealy bug and red spider that usually like to invade fuchsias and diseases of botrytis and rust that are occasionally a nuisance. To counteract these, you will also find information about insecticides, as well as some environmentally-friendly recipes.

There is one active club in South Africa that has an annual show, while regular workshops give members the practical hands-on experience of rooting cuttings, pinching them as they grow and finally pruning them in autumn.

NB: The photographs on this Home page were taken at the Lady Beth Nursery, but sadly this very special nursery closed in February, 2014.